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Tropical Leaves
Yoga Pose

Outdoor yoga
Sundays 10:15am on Keston Village Green BR2 6BP

Immerse yourself in nature as we explore the relationship between yoga, qigong, somatics and natural movement. By getting curious about movement, our practice helps us to open up to all of our sensory experiences and discover a real sense of ease, fluidity and balance within ourselves.

Spring 2024 

Sunset Yoga

Soul Energy
Wednesdays 09:15am Keston Village BR2 6AH

This yoga practice is for your soul! By pausing and dropping into our bodies we connect deeply with the felt senses and the energy flowing around the body. In the stillness and calmness of embodied practice, we create space and gain insight, reconnecting to ourselves and each and every soul around us.

£12: 60 mins

Yoga Class

Yoga for perimenopause and menopause


In these classes, you'll learn to identify your internal energy patterns as effortlessly as you do the shifting seasons' landscapes. So why not press pause and take some time out to focus on your health and wellness: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Nurturing all aspects of yourself can contribute to a smoother menopause transition and overall better quality of life.

Coming soon

Wellness Coach

1:1 yoga session

Work with me while I guide you on a journey to your soul. As we quiet the mind and open the heart, it becomes possible to see the way that life is, with a sense of wisdom and connection and a freedom of spirit in the midst of it all. Through movement and breath we explore the body and mind; developing strength, flexibility and resilience to help you face all of life's ups and downs. 

Price varies


Through mindfulness meditation, we can develop areas of our brain and actually rewire the brain to increase positive traits like focus and decision-making and decrease the less positive ones like fear and stress. I teach both adults and children that there is a possibility to change your brain for the better in a way that is long-lasting.           

Price varies

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